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    What’s Inside My Tack Trunk

    So, how much stuff can I fit inside my DIY Tack Trunk? Quite a lot as it turns out! Especially with the modifications I made to customize my rolling tool box! I always think it’s fun to see what other riders are using and what they bring along with them. In this post, I’ll unpack the layers so you can take a peek at what’s inside my tack trunk.

    What’s Inside My Tack Trunk

    A Look at the Bottom Layer

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    At the very bottom of my tack trunk, I have a spare saddle pad. This is just a basic type I’d use for schooling. Tucked in vertically, I have a flat storage container with little compartments inside. Right now, I’m using this for my leather cleaning supplies, shout wipes and a tiny sewing kit. (You never know when you might need to fix a loose button on your show coat or treat a stain!) My show boots also fit nicely here to fill out the bottom of the trunk.

    What’s On the Next Layer?

    For the next layer, my half chaps sit right on top of the show boot bags. I keep my grooming supplies in a small black tote bag in the corner. Then my helmet and two small pink pouches go next. What’s inside the pink zipper pouches? My lucky socks, tissues and extra deodorant!

    Grooming Tote Sneak Peak

    Here’s a quick peek at what I’m keeping handy in the grooming tote. Along with the usual brushes and hoof pick, I also have a small container of baby powder for quick touch ups and a couple of microfiber cloths. Water wipes for babies are great for cleaning bits and wiping off the horse’s eyes and nose. I also have a tiny pair of battery operated clippers tucked into one of the pockets.

    Keep Layering!

    For the next layer, I have my paddock boots stored in individual shoe bags. The shoe bags are from Ikea and they are great for keeping moisture and dirt away from everything else. I also like having each boot in its own bag because it makes it easier to position them in the tack trunk to save space. The green plaid zipper pouch is for storing the cupholder that I added as one of my DIY mods. (Details here.)

    From the Top!

    We’ve finally reached the top layer! I can’t believe how much already fit inside and there’s still room for more!

    On the left side of the tote tray, I have a Wellie’s first aid kit, Q-tips, cotton swabs, hair bands, hand cream, ibuprofen, eye drops, sunscreen and a body glide anti-chafe stick.

    In the center of the tote, I have lip balm, breath mints, hand sanitizer, my hair net and more hair bands.

    On the right side of the tote are microfiber cloths, various peppermint treats, hand wipes and my favorite Effax leather speed shine! (This works wonders for quick touch ups on my boots!)

    I keep several pairs of gloves in the mesh pocket that I added to the inside of the lid. In the tool holder next to the puck light, I keep several brushes that I use to clean off my boots before putting them away. The horse head set is a vintage brush and shoe horn set I picked up at an antique store. The green and yellow ones are actually vegetable cleaning brushes that are perfect for scrubbing off the bottom of my boots! I also have a pair of spurs hanging from this compartment.

    Well, there you have it! Now that I’ve repacked everything, I’m still amazed by how much fits inside. I think the mods I made to my tack trunk really helped me maximize the space! For more details on how to modify a rolling toolbox, check out this postDIY Tack Trunk