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    Equestrian Bar Cart

    Home is where the horse is! If you are a horse lover, chances are you’ve included a little bit of equestrian décor somewhere in your home. After purchasing a new bar cart, I knew it would make the perfect backdrop for some of my favorite vintage equestrian finds! I recently set up this small vignette and I’ve really enjoyed having it displayed in my dining room. I love that it’s both functional and a fun way to mix the vintage and modern pieces I’ve collected.

    Vintage Finds

    I love vintage pieces! I’m always on the lookout for vintage equestrian decor. There’s something about the timeless design and finding a piece with some history that really appeals to me. I’ve found some treasures in a variety of places including antique stores, eBay, and even a tack sale at a local horse rescue facility!

    I was very excited to find the stirrup shaped glasses on eBay. I still haven’t been able to find out too much about their manufacturer. I’d really like to be able to add a couple more to round out the set, so I’ll continue to keep an eye out. You just never know when they might pop up somewhere.

    The short whiskey glasses were another eBay win. There is usually a pretty good selection of these types of glasses up for auction fairly often. I tend to see them frequently in a red and black color scheme, so the more unusual brown/white/green color way is what drew me to this particular set.

    Vintage equestrian barware

    The brass horse on the top shelf is something I picked up at a Midwest antique shop. I’ve come across similar brass pieces online as well. I think they are probably 80’s vintage and not too difficult to find. The tabletop weathervane was another antique shop score. I had been looking for a weathervane for quite a long time, so when I stumbled on this one, I knew it was going home with me! The small horseshoe whiskey glass was another antique store find from a little shop in the Chicago suburbs.

    The little horse painting is an original by an unknown artist. I picked up this piece at a fundraiser tack sale hosted by a horse rescue facility. The name Sailing High is painted in the bottom corner, which I’m assuming is the name of the horse. So far, my research to find out more about this horse and the painting have been unsuccessful. It would be so fun to know the story behind this painting. I just love the colors and the sweet expression on the horse’s face! I’ll continue to enjoy the painting even if I never figure out it’s origin.

    The three books on the bottom shelf of the bar cart were also items I picked up from the tack sale. I’m always drawn to old books and this stack is 80’s vintage. Even though the pictures are a little dated, there is still a timeless quality about them. The instructional material in the equation and show jumping books will never go out of style!

    Modern Mix

    I think the modern items in this display help to keep my decor a little more grounded. Bar carts are so versatile and can really add a fun to a room. The bar cart I chose for my dining room has proven to very versatile. I really like the glass shelves and the gold leaf gives it just enough glam without being overdone.

    The square bottom glass decanter is a piece from CB2. Once I got it home, it seemed to be a little large for the space I’m working with, but I do like the shape of it. So far I haven’t filled it up so I may find it I like it better after I do that. CB2 has a current selection of similar decanters, that I actually like a little better.

    I’ve had the copper ice bucket for quite some time and just hadn’t found the right place for it. I think I originally found it at Home Goods. The little copper bottle carrier on the bottom shelf was also purchased at Home Goods. The long matches cloche is from Skeem. I never knew I needed long matches (or such a pretty cloche to hold them in!) until I found these.


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