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    Oregon Beach Rides

    Nehalem Bay, Manzanita, Oregon Coast

    One of my favorite places to ride is the Oregon Coast. Oregon’s unique and rugged coastline has been protected from development for over 50 years, preserving its natural beauty, while allowing it to remain free and open for enjoyment by the public. For me, the only thing you could possibly add to make an amazing Oregon beach even more amazing, would be a horse….or a few!

    Nestled between Nehalem Bay and Manzanita, just off of Highway 101, you’ll find Oregon Beach Rides. My family and I have enjoyed riding here a few times and have never been disappointed. There are several options to enjoy riding through trails at Nehalem Bay State Park, over rolling sand dunes and onto the beach. The variety of the terrain, as well as the surrounding wildlife, make this a truly unforgettable experience. Depending on the time of year, you may see elk, seals, puffins, eagles, or even a whale while enjoying your ride!

    I was also impressed with the selection of horses available to ride. When we visited as a family, our group ranged from kids to grandma, with a full spectrum of comfort levels around horses. There were at least 20 horses and ponies to choose from. Our guides did a great job matching up horses and riders. They even had two lovely Haflingers which were a pleasure to ride. On one occasion my Mom and I rode them together and we were quite the matching pair!

    Riding options include 1 and 2 hour beach and trail rides. Special requests for private rides can also be arranged. Both rides are walking speed. If you’re looking to gallop down the beach, these rides won’t be quite your speed, although you’ll still get the “wind in your hair” experience.

    The one hour ride takes you through beach trails, over windswept sand dunes and onto the beach. Once on the beach you’ll walk a stretch along the water where you’ll have a chance to take pictures. The two hour ride includes a full hour on the beach along the bay, before meandering through sand dunes. From there, you can get a great view of seals lying in the sun! I’ve done both rides and you can’t go wrong with either one.

    What to bring…

    Oregon is known for its mild and misty climate any time of year. I recommend dressing in layers, especially if you are going for the longer ride. These photos are from a day in June and we were pretty comfortable in long sleeves and hoodies. Helmets are available. Be sure to bring your camera, but leave any other bags behind.