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    Lexington, by Kim Wickens

    If you’re the type of horse girl who enjoys studying Thoroughbred pedigrees, you’ll love this rendition of Lexington’s extraordinary life. In Lexington, Kim Wickens gives us the true story and history of what made this horse so remarkable. Wickens paints a vivid picture of the grueling nature of horse racing in the Civil War era.

    To be successful in the four-mile races of that day, horses had to be more than fast- they had to have grit, stamina and determination. In addition to all of these things, Lexington demonstrated the courage to race in spite of his physical limitation of impaired vision.

    Lexington’s legacy is even more remarkable considering the backdrop of the Civil War. At that time, most horses of any value were conscripted for military purposes. Lexington was only spared this fate because he was sent away to be hidden on a farm in Illinois.

    Although his racing career was cut short due to his loss of sight, Lexington went on to sire over 550 foals. No other horse has ever produced as many champions among his progeny. All but one of Thoroughbred racing’s thirteen Triple Crown winners were descended from Lexington. Among his progeny, 236 horses won 1,176 races and over $1.5M in prize money.

    Lexington reads like an instant classic among horse books for every equestrian’s collection. The book is thoroughly researched and not only satisfied my curiosity to know more about the horse, but also provided a great education on the history of horse racing in America.

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