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    Horseshoe Wall Art and Snaffle Bit Wall Art – DIY

    Horseshoe and Snaffle Bit Wall Decor

    Here’s an easy way to create equestrian decor using horse shoes and snaffle bits. After seeing similar wall art used in equestrian home decor, I decided to learn how to make them myself. In this post, I’ll show you how to make both horseshoe wall art and snaffle bit wall art, using a few simple supplies and repurposed horse tack.

    What You’ll Need


    For this project, you’ll need a few basic supplies. I found most of these at Hobby Lobby, but you can also get them at any craft or fabric store.

    Burlap fabric: This is just simple tan burlap fabric. Burlap also comes in other colors, so if you wanted to get creative, you could go with a different color. I liked the classic understated tan to compliment the tones of the horse tack for my example.

    E6000 Clear Transparent Adhesive: This adhesive is industrial strength and will adhere to a wide variety of surfaces. For this project you’ll be adhering metal to fabric. This glue gets the job done!

    Foam Core Board: (not pictured) You’ll need enough to cut to 8×10 size for each piece of wall art

    Picture Mount Backing Paper: (not pictured) Any basic brown paper will work

    Horse Shoe: I chose to use this replica horse shoe in a bronze color that I found at Hobby Lobby. I like how the color compliments other bronze accents in my home, so I went with that instead of a real horse shoe. You could also use either a real horseshoe, purchased new from the farm store, or a clean old one if it’s in good enough condition.

    Snaffle Bit: I picked up the snaffle bit I used for this project on eBay. I’ve also had luck finding old bits in antique stores and on Etsy. I found the snaffle worked well for this project, but you could also use another style of bit, as long as it isn’t too heavy. (If it’s too heavy, the adhesive will pull away from the fabric.)

    Picture Frames: To accommodate the size of the horse shoe and the snaffle bit, you’ll need an 8×10 picture frame. Here are some options from Hobby Lobby that would work well for this project. You could really use any frame that is sturdy enough to support the weight of pieces you will be adhering to the fabric.


    Once you have your supplies, the assembly is really simple to do:

    • First, remove the glass from your picture frame. Using the glass as a template, cut a piece of your foam core board to the same size of the piece of glass.
    • Cut a piece of burlap slightly larger than the size of your piece of foam core. (You’ll want to make it about 1/2 inch longer than the foam core.) Wrap the burlap around all four sides of your foam core and use the adhesive to attach it to the back. You now have your blank canvas for your artwork!
    • Once the burlap is attached to your foamcore and the adhesive has dried, you’re ready to attach the horseshoe or snaffle bit. Layout the pieces you are using on top of the burlap and note where the metal makes contact with the fabric. This is where you will place the adhesive
    • Once you are happy with the position, use the adhesive to attach the metal to the fabric along the contact point. For the horseshoe, the surface area for the adhesive will be quite a bit larger than the snaffle bit. The snaffle bit will only have a few contact points, depending on how you position it.
    • After the glue is completely dry and the metal pieces are secure, go ahead and insert the artwork back into your frame. It should fit snug due to the burlap fabric. Fasten down the prongs on the back of your frame to hold in in place.
    • Cut a piece of picture mount backing paper to cover the open back of your frame, and secure it with adhesive to give it a finished look. Depending on your frame, you may need to attach picture wire or prongs to the back for hanging.


    That’s it! You’ve created your own equestrian decor! For more ideas on how to use equestrian decor in your home, check out some of my other decor posts here:

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