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    Horse and Rider Costumes

    Kama Godek and her horse as Equestrian Barbie
    Kama Godek (USA) and horse, C’est Nino B, dressed as Equestrian Barbie

    Each year, some of the world’ best riders and their horses, dress up in costume to compete in a Costume Accumulator class, held at the Washington International Horse Show. International Jumpers kick off the first of three nights of exciting jumping with the Welcome Stake, followed by a crowd favorite, the Accumulator Costume Class. This is where the top riders get to show their sense of humor with wild with funny costumes for both horse and rider!   In this post I’m sharing some the best horse and rider costume ideas from the October 2023 show!

    Horse and Rider Costumes from Washington International Horseshow

    One of the highlights of the show season is getting to see top competitors at the top of their game, and having fun while doing it! The Washington International Horse Show, at Prince George’s Equestrian Center in Upper Marlboro, Maryland is the perfect place to do just that.

    As a first time spectator to this event, I was really excited to see to top level international riders to start with. Getting to see their personalities and sense of humor being expressed through their costumes was an extra treat! The whole event was so much fun to watch and even in costume, the jumping was nothing less than spectacular.

    One of my favorite parts of the evening was the course walk. It was really quite funny to see all of the riders walking the course in costume! After seeing the riders dressed up, I was eager to see how the horses costumes would look too. Here are some of my favorite pairings of the evening.

    Matt Williams, (AUS), was hilarious, dressed as Taylor Swift with his horse Fayuri dressed as Travis Kelce. Although they placed 7th overall, they really stole the show, winning the prize for best costume!

    The winner of the high points was Rene Dittmer, (GER), dressed as a mug of beer. Rene was having a great night, having just won the Welcome Stake earlier in the evening as well. He seemed to be enjoying the crowd!

    Beat Mändli, (SUI), looked quite formidable, dressed as the Joker, placing 6th overall. Brianne Goutal Marteau, (USA), as the Big Bad Wolf, and her horse as Grandma, placed 8th.

    Horse and Rider Costume Highlights

    Next up is Aaron Vale and Elusive, dressed as unicorns. I absolutely loved both costumes! I thought the unicorn horn and pastel colored mane, were the perfect touch! The pair took second place overall for their jumping performance.

    Margie Engle, (USA) took inspiration from her horse, Jackofhearts, for her costume. She dressed as the Queen of Hearts.

    Alise Oken (USA) made a great Jesse from Toy Story with her Horse Saratoga. Fellow USA rider, Devin Ryan looked regal as a well dressed mummy. Horse Hangover, was equally impressive as Pharaoh. Shane Sweetnam rounded out the competition as Mr. Potato Head.

    Daniel Bluman (ISR) dressed as the Tin Man and horse Cachemire De Braize was the Cowardly Lion. Third place winner, Conor Swail (IRL) rode as a vampire aboard Castarano. Darragh Kenny, as Jack Skellington, (from The Nightmare Before Christmas) rode Diva Karen.

    Kama Godek, (USA), was the perfect Equestrian Barbie! From her sparkles to her Barbie saddle pad, the look was spot on.

    Hallie Grimes, (USA) had a lovely ride as a butterfly. (She took off the wings before jumping.) The costume seemed fitting with her horse Mariposa (“butterfly” in Spanish.)


    Overall, the Costume Accumulator class was so much fun to watch! I was taking notes for future costume ideas in case I ever decide to dress up a horse!

    If you’re looking for a costume for you and your horse, here are some additional ideas from a vendor at the show. Horse Costumes