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    Gift Ideas for Horse Girls

    It’s the season for gift guides! Well…it may be just a bit early, but as soon as I saw the Thoroughbred candle, I just had to share! I usually don’t start my holiday shopping until after Halloween, but who knows, maybe I’ll actually get it done early this year! Here are some fun finds any horse girl on your list would love.

    Gift Guides for the Horse Girl

    1.  Fornash Gold Cup Bracelet

    I love Fornash bracelets! I have a few of these enamel horse bit bangles from their equestrian collection. They have held up really well and look great. And, as with most things equestrian, they’re pretty timeless. Here’s another instant classic! Fornash Gold Cup Bracelet

    2. Kerrit’s Logo Linen Hat

    I have such a hard time finding a true women’s fit hat. Most of the time the side profile is just too long. Either I end up with my ears sticking out or the shape just doesn’t look right on me. I never seem to be able to find the right fit. This hat caught my eye because of it’s more feminine shape. Kerrits Logo Linen Hat

    3. Tack Shack of Ocala Horse Themed Cosmetic Pouch

    This cute pouch is so versatile and the horse running print makes it even better! With its generous size, you can fit quite a bit inside. (No pun intended, but I couldn’t resist!) Tack Shack of Ocala Horse Themed Cosmetic Pouch

    4. Horses Keep Me Stable – Insulated Coffee Tumbler Cup

    Since we’re on the subject of puns, did I mention horses keep me stable? This tumbler comes in a ton of pretty colors and has a slider lid too! Insulated Coffee Tumbler Cup

    5. Horse Girls, by Halimah Marcus

    This book deserves a more in depth review- I enjoyed it so much, I’ll probably do a separate post at some point. It’s a collection of stories from various writers. What bring their stories together is the way they challenge many of the assumptions and biases that are often associated with the term “horse girl.” It’s a great read! Horse Girl

    6.Dreamers & Schemers Boot Socks – A Pair & A Spare!! – All Pony Tryon

    If you haven’t tried A Pair and a Spare yet, you might find yourself addicted as soon as you do. In addition to being super cute, each pair comes with a third sock! So you can either wear that third sock to make a mismatched set, OR, if you’re like me, find yourself on matching sock odyssey buying more “pairs and spares” to have complete sets. Sock rabbit hole? Absolutely! But it’s a mostly harmless addiction. (That’s what I’m telling myself anyway) Dreamers & Schemers Socks

    7. Snaffle Bit Pashmina Scarf

    This scarf is also from Tack Shack of Ocala. I love the snaffle bit design and it’s a great length. Pair it with a cozy vest for that perfect fall outfit! Snaffle Big Pashmina Scarf

    8. LAUREN Ralph Lauren Leather & Gold Logo Hoop Earrings

    Ralph Lauren is one of my favorite designers because so much of his inspiration comes from equestrian life. These earrings are the perfect example of his timeless style. I love the combination of gold tones and deep brown leather. They couldn’t be more classic if they tried! Ralph Lauren Leather and Gold Hoop Earrings

    9. Unisex Ariat Team Carryall Tote

    This tote is the perfect size for hauling all of your essentials to and from the barn, or anywhere else. The ticking stripe on the straps is a nice touch as well! Ariat Team Carryall Tote

    10. Thoroughbred Equestrian Scented Candle – Smells Like Saddle

    Here’s the candle that inspired this whole post! Who could resist the scent of the Thoroughbred? What would that smell like exactly? Well, saddle, dirt, and carrots to be exact! Sounds like (or should I say, smells like) heaven to me! Thoroughbred Equestrian Scented Candle

    11. Shires Equestrian Show Shirt

    A show shirt with a fun pop of color on the collar and cuffs would make any horse girl smile. This one has a lovely tropical pattern with pinks and greens. So pretty! Shires Equestrian Show Shirt.

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