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    Sleigh Bells and Stirrups: Equestrian Christmas Decor Ideas

    Happy Horsey Holidays! As the holiday season gallops into view, why not infuse your home with the spirit of the stables? In this post, I’ll share a few of the ways I’ve found decorate for Christmas using equestrian items. From sleigh bells to stirrups, there a lots of wonderful ways to make your home a horsey haven for the holidays. Enjoy a festive journey inspired elegance and grace of the equestrian world!

    A Welcoming Entryway

    Here’s an example from my front entryway. The inspiration for this area came from a vintage Christmas card print with a fox hunt design. When I saw the bright red color of the hunt coat in the picture, I knew I’d want to find a way to incorporate it into my holiday decor. After dressing up the picture with a red leather frame, I thought it would make a nice focal point for my small entry table.

    The two white ceramic horses compliment the bright red leather and the greenery. I repurposed a hurricane lantern, filling the inside with a Christmas candle and some greenery. I attached a stirrup to the outside of the lantern with a festive tartan plaid ribbon and tucked a small Christmas tree on a pedestal behind the picture. To finish off the look, I tied a couple of sleigh bells to another pair of vintage stirrups with some red and white striped twine.

    On the bottom shelf of the entry table, I added a tartan plaid bowl and filled it with tiny hunting horn ornaments. A larger brass hunting horn rests on the opposite side of the shelf to complete the theme.

    Dining Room

    Mini Christmas trees are a great way to bring a theme into your decorating without going overboard. This little tree in my dining room turned out to be my favorite addition to my holiday decorating this year! I used a copper champaign urn to hold the little tree and tied a piece of tartan wired ribbon around the base to make it more festive.

    The tree itself is decorated with woodland print wired ribbon, an assortment of small brass hunting horn ornaments and a featured horseshoe ornament, front and center. A simple gold bow was the finishing touch at the top of the tree. For good measure, I filled a small silver trophy cup filled with sleigh bells, underneath the tree.

    Hunting Horn Theme Christmas Tree

    The woodland/hunt theme continues onto the buffet table. Here’s another way to use stirrups and sleigh bells in your Christmas decorating. In this display, I threaded wire tartan ribbon through the top of the stirrup and attached a sleigh bell to the bottom. There are so many combinations you could use to dress up those stirrups with ribbon with small ornaments shaped like horseshoes, saddles or horses. The subtle nods to the equestrian lifestyle can bring a unique feel to your holiday displays.

    A Few More Ideas

    Here are a couple more ways to let your love of horses shine through for the holidays. A favorite horse photo can be featured in a festive holiday picture frame. Here’s a photo I placed in a green velvet frame, displayed alongside trophy cups that are filled with greenery.

    Don’t be afraid to have a little fun and humor in your horsey holiday decor! Now that my kids are older, our Elf on a Shelf is in retirement. Just for laughs, we decided to give him an equestrian adventure this year and here’s the result!


    Embrace the warmth and grace of the equestrian world this holiday season. I’m wishing you peace, joy and plenty of opportunities to enjoy the moments with those you hold dear (whether human or equine) during this festive season. Happy Decorating and Happy Holidays!

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