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Sleigh Bells and Stirrups: Equestrian Christmas Decor Ideas

    Happy Horsey Holidays! As the holiday season gallops into view, why not infuse your home with the spirit of the stables? In this post, I’ll share a few of the ways I’ve found decorate for Christmas using equestrian items. From sleigh bells to stirrups, there a lots of wonderful ways to make your home a horsey haven for the holidays. Enjoy a festive journey inspired… Read More »Sleigh Bells and Stirrups: Equestrian Christmas Decor Ideas

    A Spectator’s Guide to the Washington International Horse Show

      If you’re heading to The Washington International Horse Show, get ready for a day of high-flying hooves and heart-pounding jumps! WIHS is a premier equestrian event that appeals to horse enthusiasts, casual spectators, and families alike to witness the splendor of world-class horsemanship. As a spectator, attending the WIHS is more than just a day out – it’s an opportunity to immerse yourself in the… Read More »A Spectator’s Guide to the Washington International Horse Show

      Kama Godek and her horse as Equestrian Barbie

      Horse and Rider Costumes

        Each year, some of the world’ best riders and their horses, dress up in costume to compete in a Costume Accumulator class, held at the Washington International Horse Show. International Jumpers kick off the first of three nights of exciting jumping with the Welcome Stake, followed by a crowd favorite, the Accumulator Costume Class. This is where the top riders get to show their sense of… Read More »Horse and Rider Costumes

        The Art of Horse Wall Decor

          Horses have been a symbol of grace, strength, and freedom for centuries. Their majestic presence has inspired art and décor across cultures and eras. If you’re looking to add a touch of equestrian elegance to your space, horse wall decor is the perfect choice. In this blog post, I’m exploring horse-themed wall decor and how it can transform your home. Capturing the Essence of Horses… Read More »The Art of Horse Wall Decor

          Horse Lovers Holiday Gift Guide

          Horse Lover’s Holiday Gift Guide

            If you have a horse lover on your holiday gift list, I’ve got a jam packed gift guide for you! I did sneak in a suggestion for the horse too, but I think your horse lover would approve. Here are some options that are both practical and fun. And if you’re inspired to treat yourself, that’s ok too! Horse Lover’s Holiday Gift Guide 1.  LeMieux… Read More »Horse Lover’s Holiday Gift Guide

            Favorite Trail Rides in Illinois

              If you happen to be in Illinois and are looking for a great trail ride, I’ve got several options for you! In this post, I’ll share two of my favorite places to ride in Illinois. Each of these facilities offer a variety of trail ride options for riders of all skill levels. They also provide year round trail riding opportunities, so if you want to… Read More »Favorite Trail Rides in Illinois

              How to Style Dubarry Country Boots

                If you are a fan of country boots and need some ideas on how to style them, I’ve got some for you! As an equestrian who loves fashion, I’m always looking for more ways (and excuses) to incorporate my barn clothes into my everyday wardrobe. Here are three ways I styled my Dubarry of Ireland country boots for an outing on a fall day. Think… Read More »How to Style Dubarry Country Boots

                Styling Your Equestrian Wardrobe

                  As a fellow horse enthusiast, chances are your everyday wardrobe has been influenced by a love of equestrian style. That’s definitely true for me! The great news is, it’s pretty easy to add some equestrian style to an outfit without being overdone. In this post, I’ll share some of my favorite equestrian inspired wardrobe pieces along with a few new pieces for fall! 10 Ways… Read More »Styling Your Equestrian Wardrobe