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Horse, by Geraldine Brooks

    If you love horses and books, what could be better than books about horses? When I’m not riding, thinking about riding or otherwise obsessing about horses, I can often be found reading about them. Admittedly, any book with a horse on the cover or in the title has a good chance of finding its way onto my reading list. So, when I heard about Horse,… Read More »Horse, by Geraldine Brooks

    Lexington, by Kim Wickens

      If you’re the type of horse girl who enjoys studying Thoroughbred pedigrees, you’ll love this rendition of Lexington’s extraordinary life. In Lexington, Kim Wickens gives us the true story and history of what made this horse so remarkable. Wickens paints a vivid picture of the grueling nature of horse racing in the Civil War era. To be successful in the four-mile races of that day,… Read More »Lexington, by Kim Wickens